Aromatherapy Cleaning Spray

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Essential oils have many household uses.

They can be used to clean your home and keep it smelling fresh.

In this video, Deserie gives do-it-yourself instructions, for a household disinfectant spray.

Aromatherapy Cleaning


It uses a combo of essential oils, tea tree and lavender.These make your room smell good, also the lavender is calming and relaxing.

Here’s the recipe for the natural disinfectant spray

  • 2 cups of pure water
  • a little bit of natural soap
  • 30 drops total of essential oils. 15 tree and 15 for lavender
  • stir it up and put it in a spray bottle

Use it for cleaning countertops, table tops, all kinds of surfaces.

It doesn’t work well for glass however.


2 comments on “Aromatherapy Cleaning Spray

  1. Love this recipe. How wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Deserie, great video! Thank you for the recipe, I love to use natural cleaning products!

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