Rosemary in Aromatherapy

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Rosemary for Remembrance. It’s as easy as sniffing a bottle of rosemary essential oil, to help you with mental clarity and memory recall.

rosemary cotton ballHere is a handy tip, apply a few drops of rosemary oil to a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in a small plastic bag and stick it in your pocket.

You can then pull it out and sniff it before that big exam, speech, presentation or any other time you need mental recall and clarity. Another thing you can do is add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to a carrier oil like vegetable oil. You could rub a little bit of this oil on your temples to help your mental clarity.

Rosemary in Aromatherapy

rosemary top of headThere is a point on the top of the head that is particularly helpful if you rub the oil on this point.

To find the point, place your thumbs on the top of your ears and your fingers reach to the top of your head. Where your fingers meet at the top of your head is the point.

Growing Rosemary

Rosemary plantRosemary is a plant that is pretty easy to grow. You can grow it in a pot in your back yard, or plant an attractive rosemary bush in your garden. Just don’t let it dry out.

You can use rosemary in cooking or add some to a salad.

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