Take control of your own health care!
Learn simple, easy steps you can take to get healthy and stay healthy without doctors, without prescriptions and taste the FREEDOM OF GOOD HEALTH!!!

Join Deserie Valloreo as she guides you and provides instruction and tools needed for the natural care of yourself and your home, family and pets.

Feel confident and excited about providing a safer and healthier way of life for yourself and your family.


What you will receive:

  • Instruction and tools needed for the beginner to address common health and home needs using natural remedies.
  • Virtual Classes – each class includes a downloadable .pdf file and video.
  • Mentorship as you work through the lessons
  • Exercises on how to incorporate  natural living and remedies into your daily life
  • Herbal Medicine-Making Techniques
  • Natural methods for addressing common health and home needs
  • Additional Resource Recommendations and Links

Course Objectives:
The goal of the course is for participants to become familiar with natural home remedies and incorporate them into daily life.  Participants will gain hands on experience making and using simple remedies at home.


Course Syllabus

Introduction – Overview of the course materials, tools and how to get the most from this course.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Self-Healing – Gain an understanding of various methods of self-healing.

Lesson 2 – Relieving Pain & Inflammation – Identify and understand how to use natural analgesics, anti-spasmodics, and anti-inflammatory remedies to relieve pain and inflammation.

Lesson 3 – Prevent & Eliminate Infection – This lesson will guide you in identifying and using natural anti-microbials to boost the immune-system and prevent and eliminate infection.

Lesson 4 – Making Herbal Medicine Part I – Learn the proper way to make and use herbal infusions and decoctions. Includes guidance on herbal soaks, compresses, and poultices.

Lesson 5 – Making Herbal Medicine Part II – This lesson will guide you through making your own herbal infused oils and salves. Step by step instructions will be provided.

Lesson 6 – Making Herbal Medicine Part III – Step-by-step instruction on making your own herbal tinctures (liquid extracts). Dosage guidelines are also included.

Lesson 7 – Stocking Your Home Remedy Kit – Information and guidelines on choosing items for your natural home remedy kit.

Lesson 8 – Natural Remedies for the Home – Learn natural remedies for the home including various types of cleaners, drain openers, air fresheners, and pest control.

Lesson 9 – Natural Remedies for Pets – This lesson includes instruction and information on natural home remedies for common pet ailments including fleas, parasites, skin ailments, digestive ailments, anxiety, infection, and minor injuries.

Lesson 10 – Natural Beauty – Receive guidance and instruction on natural ways to care for your skin, hair, nails and more. Includes step-by-step instruction on making your own body-care products.

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