Are You Breaking a Loved One’s Heart?

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I learned yesterday that the artery on the right side of my father’s heart is totally blocked. His heart has adjusted by receiving blood from the left side, but his heart muscle has been made so weak that it puts … Continued

High Blood Pressure

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Dietary Recommendations Avoid or eliminate the following: MSG (monosodium glutamate) baking soda canned vegetables over-the-counter medications that contains ibuprofen diet soft drinks preservatives most sugar substitutes meat tenderizers soy sauce saturated fats, margarine, and foods containing trans fatty acids or … Continued


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Aloe Vera gel – Is applied topically to relieve pain & burning. A slug of aloe vera leaf slipped in the anus is extremely helpful. Remove the green skin first. Calendula – Relieves pain & inflammation. Use a cream topically or make … Continued