Natural Relief for Shingles

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QUESTION:  I recently got shingles on the left side of my face.  I hear stress triggers it.  Should I take something for my nerves? ANSWER: Shingles are a recurrence of the varicella-zoster virus, also known as chickenpox.  The virus stays in your body and can … Continued


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Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. Sleeping on your side may help prevent this. A body pillow (a full-length … Continued

Sore Throat

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The herb echinacea is antiviral and antibacterial, speeds healing. Take as a tea or tincture. Horseradish has excellent properties to treat sore throat and upper respiratory tract infections, reduces fever, and expels concentrations of mucus. You can use kava root as … Continued

Sinus Infection

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Neti pot – cleanse sinuses with saline 1-3 times a day for sinus relief and help eliminate infection.  Diluted garlic infusion or 1 drop of goldenseal tincture are helpful to eliminate sinus infection, but can be painful to administer. Rub … Continued