Top Natural Remedies During the Holidays

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Happy Holidays! Well, yes they are supposed to be happy, but sometimes things happen to challenge that happiness, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. For these times, I want to share with you my favorite natural remedies for the holidays.

Stress Relief

In-laws are visiting, kids are anxious, you fret over what gifts to buy, what to wear to holiday parties, will that dress even fit?  The holidays are the most stressful time of the year for many people.  Here are my go-to remedies for stress:

Deep Breathing: Sounds too simple right?  Each of our emotional states can be associated with a pattern of breathing. Even our heartbeat is connected with the action of our lungs. The word “inspiration” itself refers to both the act of breathing in as well as the state of being filled with spirit and energy. Click here for a demonstration and instructions on deep breathing (aka belly-breathing).

Yoga: Now wait, before you scan past this section!  So many people see this word and think its not for them.  I say, give Yoga a chance!  When I am stressed out there are a few moves I do to release tension.  You can do 3 out of 4 of them anywhere and they take less than a minute.  The fourth requires you to lie down on the floor next to a blank wall.  I promise,  you can do this.

First, 8 each of backward then forward shoulder rolls.  Next, reach your arms forward, then up and back doing 8 each backward and forward large arm circles.  Make sure to take deep even breaths as you do this.  Lastly, sit on the floor next to a wall, begin to lie down as you put your legs up the wall. Bend your legs and press your fee against the wall to bring the weight of your body onto your shoulders.  Hold here for a few breaths, then slowly roll back down to your starting position. Repeat 3 times.  It will push the tension right out of you!

Herbs: Of course I am going to mention herbs for stress,  I AM an herbalist.  There are SOOO many herbs to relieve stress and anxiety that I am only going to list some of my favorites here and tell you that most of them can be taken as a tea.  The herbs I use most to relieve stress and anxiety are: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Kava, Passionflower, and Lavender.  You can take them individually or combine them as you like.


It is not surprising that the issue above (stress) can be the cause of digestive upset.  So you can prevent a great deal of digestive issues by implementing the remedies I gave above. However, sometimes it is WHAT you eat and not necessarily your state of mind that is the cause of digestive issues.  Rich foods in particular can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating.  My favorite remedy (or preventative) is to eat about a tsp of fennel seeds before or after a meal.  This is also a great remedy for bad breath.  For more on digestive remedies click here.


The key things to do to relieve a hangover are hydrate, replace lost vitamins and minerals, and remove toxins.  The best ways to do this are to drink plenty of water, take herbs and/or supplements, and sweat.  You want foods, herbs or supplements high in b vitamins, so dark, leafy greens are a good choice, Nettle is a good herb for this.  If your head is too achy and your stomach too upset to exercise, try taking a hot bath or shower to help release toxins.

If you missed it in last month’s post, also check out Best Remedies for Thanksgiving, for more holiday remedies.


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