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shingles Natural Relief for Shingles (4/21/2012) - QUESTION:  I recently got shingles on the left side of my face.  I hear stress triggers it.  Should I take something for my nerves? ANSWER: Shingles are a recurrence of the varicella-zoster virus, also known as chickenpox.  The virus stays in your body and can reappear years later because of a weakened immune system due to stress.  You want to [...]
UTI Ask Deserie: Natural UTI Relief (2/23/2012) - QUESTION: Is there something natural I can do to eliminate a UTI? ANSWER: Cranberry extract capsules are very effective especially if you start taking them at the onset of a problem. I recommend SuperCranactin.  There are also herbs you can take to address infection and speed healing.  I suggest a tea or tincture containing the [...]
EnergyWeight Ask Deserie: Boost Energy & Lose Weight (2/23/2012) - QUESTION: What natural things can I do to boost energy and lose weight? ANSWER: Herbs are great for boosting energy and metabolism. The herb yerba mate boost energy and metabolism.  There are also herbs that help suppress appetite and fight cravings (fennel and cinnamon are good choices).  I recommend making a pot of herbal tea and sipping it [...]

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