Healthy Home or Toxic Trap?

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toxinsThe number of toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis is staggering. With some 100,000 different chemicals being used throughout the world, and 1,500 or so more being added each year, it is no wonder that so many people feel unhealthy. There are many toxins you do not have control over, but keep reading to find out tips on how to limit your exposure to some of the most common health hazards.

Many people do not realize that their home – the building itself as well as furnishings – is a major source of toxic contamination. According to EPA studies, indoor air pollutants are anywhere from three to 70 times higher than outdoors!

There are many products you use in daily life that contain ingredients that are known to be toxic or cancer-causing. For more information about which ones you’ll definitely want to avoid, check out this list of the Top Cancer-Causing Products in the average home, as compiled by the National Cancer Prevention Coalition.

lemonItems you use to clean your home can be dangerously toxic which is why I decided to create a class called Naturally Clean Home to raise awareness of hidden toxins in the home and share with you the materials and methods for cleaning your home using safe, common household items such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and more.

In today’s world you can’t avoid all toxic chemicals, but I believe you can limit your exposure to dangerous toxins and your risk of suffering the debilitating effects by focusing on the things that you can control right now. That would include switching to non-toxic and natural alternatives for things that you use on your body, in your home and around your yard.

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