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Aloe Vera gel – Is applied topically to relieve pain & burning. A slug of aloe vera leaf slipped in the anus is extremely helpful. Remove the green skin first.

Calendula – Relieves pain & inflammation. Use a cream topically or make a strong infusion and use in a sitz bath.

Horse Chestnut – Increases elasticity of blood cells and helps to reduce swelling.

Horsetail Tea – used to treat bleeding.

Psyllium Seed – Works internally to coat and soothe bowel lining.

St John’s Wort Oil – Applied topically to reduce inflammation & swelling.

Witch Hazel Suppositories are used for bleeding.


Mucilaginous Seeds. Use a mucilaginous bulking and lubricating agent such as flax and psyllium seeds powdered to help create a smooth stool. Agar-agar from a seaweed is use to treat hemorrhoids according to Pitchford.

Astringent herbs help to firm up dilate and weak tissue. The best known astringents are the tannin-containing teas. A tea of astringent herbs can be used in the sitz baths. A few examples are: cranesbill, oak bark, yerba mansa, comfrey and golden seal. As a food, pomegranates and blackberries are astringent, tonic and high in C.

Hepatic herbs are specific for liver and gall bladder. If you suspect that your liver might be the weak link in the chain you have many options. Dandelion, milk thistle and burpleurum are a few of the liver herbs.

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